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19 Sep

If you’re ever up to see it, most London parks are filled with more people running than walking between the hours of 6am and 8am. There are many fitness enthusiasts present throughout the day, but the morning slot seems to be a popular one.

There are many benefits of exercising in the morning. Firstly, its over and done with and you don’t have to spend the day thinking up excuses not to exercise after work. Secondly, you have a whole bunch of stored up energy from the restful few hours you have just spent lying in bed just waiting to be used. A benefit that I have noticed with my clients is that in the morning there are no meetings that you can get stuck in, no after work drinks that you can’t get out of… generally clients are more able to keep to their fitness regime in the morning than in the evening.

The immediate excuses I hear include waking up earlier than you might like, the cold temperature in the mornings, the lack of motivation when you’re tired… but those that have tried an early morning workout or two can tell you that the feelings you feel after the workout is done, far outweigh the excuses just mentioned!

Give it a go, set the alarm and get your exercise done before the day even begins!!