I know it’s friday…

26 Oct

I know it’s friday and we are all excited about the weekend, but don’t let it ruin all your hard work! Your body just thinks its another day, so do something to deserve the fun weekend you’ve got planned!

Keep up that healthy eating, get yourself to the gym or off for a run, and then you’ll feel great when you pop on your party clothes and hit the weekend!

If you don’t have time for a long workout thats no problem, try this workout! It will raise your metabolism just as it would if you went for a run, it will target your whole body and the best part… its done in 4 minutes!!! If you’re really keen you can even do it twice and take up a whole 8 minutes of your day!

Surely everyone can spare 4 minutes of their day right? Its up to you where you do it, no equipment needed. Even do it in the office… who cares? Just click on the picture and give it a go!!



Squat Thrusts – Jumping your feet into your hands from a plank position (on hands), and back again!

Mountain Climbers – Again in plank position on your hands, bring your knees as close to your arms as possible alternately.

High knees – jogging on the spot, driving your knees up as high as possible

Jumping jacks – star jumps