Don’t forget to stretch

15 Nov

Most of us struggle to make time for exercise and so the thought of adding extra time for stretching sounds ridiculous but it is so important.

The body needs to be stretched  and you will notice yourself stretching throughout your day without even meaning to. Think about that nice big stretch you do after waking up in the morning, or getting up from the sofa… this is a natural reaction and helps your body in many ways.

There are many benefits to stretching, it isn’t just about trying to touch your toes! (although it can help with that too!) Here are 4 reasons to stretch that everyone should be able to relate to…


1. Improvement your flexibility. This will help you in everyday life, not just in the gym! You will find day to day tasks easier with a wider range of movement to make use of.

2.Improvements your circulation. Stretching will increase the blood flow to the muscles allowing the blood to flow more easily around the body. 

3. Relieve stress. You can release tense muscles that may be preventing you from getting enough sleep and becoming part of a vicious cycle that causes you less sleep and more stress. 

4. Injury prevention. Referring back to first point we discussed, by having an increased range of motion in your everyday life, as well as for exercise purposes, there will be a reduced risk of suffering from an injury due to tight muscles tearing or straining whilst attempting to do certain activities. 


Stretching can be dangerous if you push yourself too far, too quickly! Ask for some help from someone in the gym and ease yourself into stretching at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

I will be sharing my personal top stretches in my next post so keep an eye out and in the mean time … listen to your body and keep stretching!