The Truth About Sugar

7 Jan



Most people will try and cut out fat when going on a diet or a health kick! It seems the most sensible and obvious thing to do but how come the weight isn’t dropping off if i’m cutting out fat?

The real culprit is SUGAR!!

Eating a diet high in refined sugar is fast becoming one of the leading causes of obesity in this country, amongst many others! Sugary foods such as fizzy sweets or marshmallows often say they contain no fat on the label and can be misleading to those trying to lower their fat intake!

 What is sugar?

Sugar is pure, refined carbohydrate that derives from plants such as sugarcane. The sugar we put in our tea and on our cereal is called sucrose. There are many other types of sugars around though like fructose that is found in most fruits, or glucose that is found in softs drinks as well as energy drinks.

How can sugar make you fat?

  • Sugar is quickly absorbed into the blood stream once consumed to give you that “boost” of energy from the sudden rise in glucose. The body reacts to this by secreting insulin which brings the glucose levels down. When your glucose levels fall you start to feel hungry and so you end up eating more!
  • When you eat more food than your body requires for energy, the excess calories need to be stored. When the liver’s storage capacity is full, the excess sugar is converted into fatty acids and returned to the blood stream where it is taken around the body to find places to be stored. These places can vary from person to person but the all time favourites are the thighs, stomach, breasts and bum areas!!
  • Very simply, if you are indulging in too many foods full of refined sugar, you are missing out on some vital health benefits of other foods such as fruits and vegetables that you require in your diet. Don’t fill up on the bad stuff!!


Try and satisfy your sugar cravings with natural foods such as fruit. You will be getting all sorts of vitamins as a bonus rather than setting yourself up for a fall later on.

It can come as a shock to find out just how much sugar is in some of the things we consume daily. Have a look at the picture below as an example and just think twice next time you go to grab your sugar fix!!