Train for an event

11 Feb

5163255-family-run-art--cartoon-of-a-family-running-together-in-a-racing-eventThis weekend I took part in a relay race in Hyde Park. It consisted of 4 team members each running just under 4km (they got their measurements wrong) before tapping in with the next team mate. I would be lying if I said I looked out the window to a grey, rainy london and ran out of the house with excitement however, I really enjoyed the event and I would do it again. Once I got there, the adrenalin kicked in, my competitive nature reared its ugly head and off I went on my run around the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park.

As I said, it wasn’t the perfect day for spending hours outside however everybody was in the same boat and it didn’t seem such a problem when the energy around seemed so high. It was mighty cold though, and it’s not while you are running that it is a problem, in fact the cold becomes quite welcoming, it is when you are waiting for your turn that is can get very chilly! The answer to this… come better prepared! I will be bringing more layers next time!

Anyway the reason behind this post is that I wanted to let you all know what other events like this there are going on in London this year. It is always a good idea to have something to work towards whether it is a run, cycle or swim as it keeps you motivated when it gets hard. Get a group of friends together and raise some money for charity or just do it for the fitness aspect, its up to you.

Many of you reading this may not be from London so it is pointless for me to list all the local races for where I live so instead I have found some very useful websites that will help you to find events happening in your local area!

Use the link below to search for running events in your local area

The link below lists events of all disciplines that you can do for charity in the UK

Sign up to something that will challenge you and push you to work harder in the gym or with your trainer. Make sure to let me know what you’ve signed up for and fill me in on your progress with the training. Good luck 🙂538250_602744193074596_404470882_n