Functional Core Workout

25 Feb


As I promised in my last post, I have detailed below an example workout that will get your core working and improving strength and stability without doing hundreds of boring sit ups. You can do this workout anywhere you like as it involves no equipment and no running around. Take yourself outside or simply make some space in your living room, it’s up to you!

All these exercises work the core, but they also work other body parts too making it a functional exercise that will help to improve the way you do everyday movements. I have described the exercises the best I can but please feel free to email me if you don’t fully understand.

There are 5 exercises and 5 rounds. The number of repetitions are detailed in brackets next to each exercise. Give yourself a minute to rest in between each round but minimum rest in between each exercise.

1. Walkouts (5)

2. Full squat (15)

3. Lunge with twist (10 each leg)

4. mountain climbers (20)

5. High plank arm/leg lifts (10)


Exercise description

1. walkouts = From standing, bend your knees as far as need for your hands to touch the floor, walk them out so you’re in a high plank. Hold it for 2 seconds then walk your hands back and push up to a standing position again.

2. Full squat = Forget stopping your squat at a “seated position”. This time you need to squat as low as you possibly can go. Its as if you’re aiming to sit on the floor, then stand right back up to standing. Use your stomach muscles to help you keep strong.

3. Lunge with twist = Lunge forward with your right leg, ensure a good balanced position before twisting your body round to that forward right leg. Get yourself back to the lunge position before stepping back to standing and repeating the same thing again. Do all 10 reps on one leg before moving to the next leg.

4. mountain climbers = Position yourself in a high plank position on your hands and feet with a straight back and tight tummy. One by one slowly bend your knees and bring them into your elbows as close as you can. Dont forget to keep a tight shape all the way through.

5. High plank arm/leg lifts = Get yourself back into that high plank position from the previous exercise. 1 repetition in this exercise consists of lifting one arm, the other arm, then one leg, then the other leg. All you need to do is to keep the arms and legs straight when they are lifted so don’t worry about the height. Try not to twist the torso too much and just keep balanced and in control throughout.