4 Mar



When people find out I am a personal trainer there are always remarks like “oh I bet you are super healthy and go to the gym all the time!”  but there is very often one question that I get asked from the get-go and that is…

“What is your top tip for getting into shape?”

Obviously there are so many answers to this question and every trainer will come up with their own “top tip” but for me it’s easy…

…MIX IT UP! That is my top tip in a nutshell and I will now explain why!

Your body is a very clever thing. It can heal you from disease, keep you cool or warm, fix broken bones and because it is so clever you have to continually challenge it. If you run for half an hour every day, the first few times it will feel difficult, then very quickly you will be finding it easier and easier. As much as you will feel great for this improvement, because the body isn’t working so hard to complete the task it doesn’t use as much energy!!

You need to constantly keep your body guessing. Don’t let it get comfortable and know what’s coming next. If you like the thought of running for half an hour then that is fine but don’t do it everyday and even when you do it, try to push yourself to do it in a quicker time or maybe on an incline!

#1 Challenge
Take one week and make sure that no two exercise sessions are the same.

Here is an example:
1. swimming
2. running
3. resistance/weights
4. class (spinning/aerobics/zumba…)

It can definitely be a challenge to get out of your comfort zone but trust me your body will react really well to it and you never know, you may find something that you really enjoy!! Continue pushing yourself, never settle for average you can always do more!!

Don’t forget to MIX IT UP!