Functional core workout #2

14 Mar

bodyweight exercise

I am pleased to hear that many of you have been working hard and trying to complete the functional workout I posted a few weeks ago. As I’m sure you have found, it works the whole body and therefore can feel difficult and tiring the first few times you do it but stick with it and it can only get easier.

To mix it up a bit I have given you another workout to try. This by no means replaces the other one, it simply adds to it to get you a wider choice of exercises to put in your routine.  If you like to run, it can be a great addition to do when you get home or in the middle of your run when you want a change of focus.

Again there are 5 exercises and I suggest you try and do between 3 – 5 rounds of the circuit depending on how much time you have and your fitness level. Give yourself a minute to rest in between each round but try to limit the rest periods between each exercise.

1. Walkouts with a twist (5)

2. Leg swings (15)

3. High plank with single leg crunches (10)

4. side plank dips

5. fast twists


Exercise descriptions

1. Walkouts with twist – Walk your hands from a standing position out to a high plank. The in turn reach your hand behind the other one as far as you can twisting your torso to help. Once you have reached on both sides, walk you hands right back up to a standing position. This is 1 repetition.

2. Leg swings – In a standing position (holding onto a wall for balance if needed) swing one leg forward reaching with the opposite hand to try and touch your foot. Let your leg swing back as far as it goes before trying again. When you have done your 15 repetitions, turn around and try the other leg.

3.  High plank single leg crunches – Forming a plank position on your hands, not elbows, you will bring one knee in towards your elbow before straightening it as high as you can. Keep going on the same leg until all 10 repetitions have been completed, then do the same with the other leg.

4.  Side plank dips – Balance yourself on your elbow in a side plank (up to you how you have your feet, as long as you’re balanced) and dip your lower hip to the ground and back up again. Repeat this 15 times on one side before turning onto the other side.

5. Fast twists – This exercise is done in a Vsit position. Sit on the floor with your feet out in front of you and lean back to form a V shape! You’re going to lean back and twist from side to side touching the floor as fast as you can for 20 twists. This exercise involves 3 sets of 20 twists per round.


If you do not quite understand any of my descriptions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and I can try to explain them in a different way or answer any of your other questions.

Good luck and happy exercising 🙂