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Summer is coming…

17 Apr


Even though this has been a long and dreary winter and we are still seeing some cold, grey days, i assure you that summer IS coming and it will creep up on you faster than you think!

Suddenly the sun will be out and the temperatures will rise and we all know what that means… 

…sunglasses go on and the layers come off!!!

This is by no means a bad thing, no one likes to layer up before going out however some of you have been hiding under those winter layers for so long now that you may not remember what it feels like to wear shorts or a skirt. This can be scary and intimidating and we haven’t even mentioned bikinis yet!!

If you can relate to that and you don’t feel too confident at the thought of shorts or a bikini then panic not! Whether you used to exercise but have been slacking off recently, or have never really thought about it, now is the time! If you are a member of a gym then great, if not just pop a pair of trainers on and head to your local park for a run or try a local bootcamp as there are lots around.

My point is, don’t dread the summer weather and the thought of a bikini… use it as motivation to get going!! Start eating well and moving more and you can embrace the summer when it eventually graces us with it’s presence.

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