The more the merrier

22 Jul

Everybody is different. Some people like team sports, some like to exercise by themselves. Neither is the correct way to do it but both have benefits!

From what I gather, the general understanding of the term “personal training” is that it is 1:1 training and pretty intense! This does not always have to be the case.

Training with a friend or in a group can …

  • be more affordable
  • give your more confidence
  • be more fun
  • provide a bit of competitiveness
  • give you a chance to see your friends regularly
  • help spur you on when you’re having a bad day

There are so many people you can train with… brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague, flat mate, best friend… so why not ask one of them to join you in your exercise regime. Whether it’s just for a jogging partner or to go to an exercise class together, when that time comes to get out the door and go, having someone to go with will give you that motivation you may need.

We are all too good at dishing out the excuses and finding ways of not exercising, then a month or so down the line we are still complaining that we don’t have the body we want!

There is no time like the present so get out there and find a training partner to help get you going!