Exercise and Endorphins

13 Aug

89793497People will often tell you that doing exercise releases “happy hormones” and makes you feel good! This is 100% true. These so-called “happy hormones” are actually called endorphins.

What are Endorphins?

Endorphins are produced in the brain and act as the body’s natural painkiller. During exercise, they are released and they can produce a feeling of euphoria and general well being. The effect they have on the body can be so strong that they can sometimes mask pain!
As well as producing endorphins during exercise, the body also releases serotonin, adrenalin and dopamine which work together to make you feel good.

People suffering with depression are encouraged to participate in regular exercise to encourage the release of these hormones. Physically active people are shown to recover more quickly from depression and are also associated with better mental health as they grow older.

What kind of exercise releases endorphins?

Most types of exercise encourage the release of these hormones however cardiovascular and aerobic exercises are the most likely to give you these good feelings. These types of exercises are slightly more vigorous than some, increasing the release of endorphins, serotonin, adrenaline and dopamine. Having said that, slower paced activities such as yoga and pilates, which focus more on breathing and calming the body down help to put the body into a relaxed state, which also contributes to feeling good as it releases all the stress and tension from the body.


As you can see, it is ever so easy to improve your mood. No medication, no whacky remedies, just pure physical activity. Pick something you enjoy doing, whether it is fast paced or more focused on relaxation, and do your chosen activity as regularly as you can to discover the benefits.