Keep your body guessing

17 Sep



I absolutely love how many people I see running and cycling round the streets of London because it makes me happy to see people keeping active. Lots of people run as a part of a mixed exercise program but many people I speak to run or cycle as their only means of exercise.

There are lots of great things about running but there are not many great things about doing just one type of exercise all the time. Below is a quick explanation of why it is not a good idea to stick to the same type of exercise all the time!

– It becomes less and less effective. The body is very clever and quickly realises that you are going to do this activity regularly and it starts finding ways to conserve energy and therefore burns less energy as a result.

As an example, if you decided to run 10K 3 times a week, the first week or so you may find it exhausting and see some great changes in your body. As time goes by, you will start to find it easier due to your muscles becoming conditioned and stronger. Being easier, your body isn’t pushed as hard as it was originally. So where you may have been burning 600kcals, you may now be burning 400kcals.

– The body will be good at doing ONE thing. If your exercise each week is cycling to work everyday then all that will happen is that you get very good at cycling. The problem is that if you decide to do a boxercise class for example you will find that you are not as fit as you thought. Your body becomes conditioned to do things it regularly does, therefore to keep it guessing and working hard we need to mix it up and keep your exercise regime interesting with different activities.


Ways to try and spice up your exercise routine…

– Have a look at local exercise classes and sign up for a trial session. These can be dance classes such as zumba, aqua classes, outdoor bootcamps… there are so many to pick from!

– Ask one of the trainers in your gym for a new programme to give you more ideas.

– Have a look online for ideas of exercises

– Sign up to a challenge that you’ve never done whether it is swimming, climbing, running, cycling related… it’s meant to be a challenge so it will force you to train in a different way!


The more you keep your body guessing, the harder it will work and the better results you will see!