30 Sep



Tomorrow is the start of October! How quick has September whizzed by?! It seems like the summer is well behind us and we are preparing for the winter already.

What we must be careful of is letting our body think it’s winter and that it can hide under lots of layers and therefore that extra chocolate bar won’t hurt! If you keep yourself fit and healthy over the winter, that bikini body will be FAR easier to get back come spring!

This is why I am joining in with “Stoptober” starting tomorrow. You may have seen this promoted by the NHS to encourage people to stop smoking or drinking. Well we are going to expand that so that you can pic anything to give up over the course of the month. If you don’t feel like giving up smoking or drinking is much of a challenge for you, then try giving up chocolate or coffee or whatever you think will challenge you!

This challenge is YOUR challenge so you set the rules. Here are some examples of what my clients have set themselves….

– no cheese as a snack (only as part of a meal)
– no wine from monday to thursday
– no more than 1 coffee a day
– no eating whilst watching tv

These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling but have a think today. What could you really do with less of in your day to day life? It’s only for a month, and if October goes by as quickly as september did then it really won’t feel long at all but if you can live without something (or less of it) for a month you will really start to notice the difference and may even decide to make it a permanent change.

We can motivate each other so let everyone know what you can get all the encouragement you need. Let me know what your challenge is, I’d love to hear about it and see how you get on!