Combat the exercise boredom!

29 Jan

treadmill2-490x378I hear many people telling me they aim to exercise more often or for longer but they just find it so boring. I totally agree that exercise can be boring, but only if you let it. Leaving the house wanting to do a 40 minute run is a daunting task, the minutes will drag on and you’ll totally exhaust your mind of things to think about in order to distract yourself. 

SOLUTION – break it down to make it more interesting (and dare I say it… fun?!)

Instead of 20 minutes of continuous running, try doing 2 minutes slow jog, 2 minutes run and 1 minute as fast as you can! Repeat this 4 times and there you have your 20 minutes running! 

By breaking it down you are only counting down a few minutes at a time. This interval system can be used with any form of cardio whether on a machine, outside or even if a pool. Below is an example of each…



Running Outside – Using the lamp posts and markers. Jog for 3 lamposts, sprint for 1, walk for 1, repeat!

In the Gym – Using the cross trainer. 2 mins forwards, 2 mins backwards. Every 4 minutes put the resistance up a level or two. By the end you should be really puffing and panting trying to keep your legs moving as fast as they should. 

In the Pool – Using a float. 2 lengths front crawl, 2 legs breaststroke, 2 lengths just arms (float in between knees), 2 lengths just legs (arms on the float)



These are just examples so you can play about with them, keeping your body guessing with different intervals from time to time. Give it a go and I am confident that you will find it easier to exercise for longer without getting bored.