Water – Vital Component for Fat Loss!!

7 Feb



We know water is good for us. It keeps us hydrated, helps digestion, warms us up and cools us down, but what is the deal when it comes to fat loss? Below are some of the reasons why water is absolutely essential when your ultimate goal is fat loss!

  • Your  body  is  composed  mostly  of  water,  65 – 75%! Water  is  required  for  EVERY  cellular  action  in  the  body. By  keeping  hydrated  you  provide  the  water  required  for  your  body  to   work  optimally  INCLUDING  BURNING  FAT.
  • Being  dehydrated  slows your bodily functions down and will  REDUCE  YOUR  CAPACITY  TO  BURN  FAT  AS  FUEL!  
  • Water  helps  to  DETOXIFY  your  system  and  should  be  considered  one  of  your  most  vital  supplements.
  • Water  will  also  help  any  substance  that  your  body  does  not  need to exit  safely  and  it  will  also  greatly  aid  in  transporting  the  necessary  nutrients  throughout  the  body.
  • How  much  should  you  drink?  For  most  people  getting  up  to  1.5  to  2  litres  a  day  is  pretty tough for most of us  but  that  is  your  ultimate  daily  goal.

So, what counts as water? … Pure, clean, simple water or herbal teas!

You cannot include water that you add squash to in your daily amount. These fruity syrups are very sugary and in an ideal world we should ignore them and just go for the pure water. If you find water boring to drink and feel that you need an extra taste, try squeezing a small amount of fresh lemon or lime into it to give it some flavour.

TOP  TIP:    Start  by  getting  a  re-­usable  1.5  litre  bottle  and  make  a  habit  of having  it  with  your  all  day  so  you  can  see  exactly  how  much  you  have  drunk. Aim  to  simply  finish  it  before  the  end  of  your  day,  EVERY  DAY!