Listen to Your Body

17 Mar




Do you ever get those days where you just can’t find the energy to go to the gym or on a run? Of course you do, it’s only natural. Some of us get that more than others, and I’m not saying that every time you feel tired you should rest but sometimes it can be our bodies telling us it would benefit more from rest than from pushing it further. I have often taken some time out from my exercise regime whether it has been a day or a week, I always come back feeling better and surprise myself with what I can do when I return to the gym!

If you have recently embarked on a fitness regime and feel really motivated to achieve your goals, you must make sure that you factor in rest days. A rest day does not mean sitting at home on the sofa eating piles of rubbish. It is simply a day where you give your body a rest from the hard work it’s been doing. It could mean going for a nice long walk instead of lifting weights or doing sprint intervals in the gym. Rest doesn’t necessarily mean stop moving, it just means allowing for recovery.


Listening to your body applies to injuries as well. Whether you have got an injury, recovered from one or just don’t want one you must be aware of what your body is trying to tell you. Recovering from an injury can take a long time, especially if you rush the process. Take the time to strengthen up the muscles surrounding the injury, improving mobility and hopefully prevent it from happening again.

If you are seeing a physio, listen carefully to what they are telling you and take home that list of exercises they give you and do them religiously. I have heard so many people say they were given a list of exercises to do but didn’t have the time to do them. It’s a total waste of money to go to a physio and then not do the homework they have set you. If you do what they tell you to, your recovery will be much quicker! 

For old injuries, just be aware of any niggles or pains that you feel creeping back and nip them in the bud before they develop into anything worse. Either revert back to your rehab exercises, ease off on the heavy weights and certain exercises or seek advice from a qualified person whether that’s a doctor or physio. Listen to your body when it’s telling you there is something wrong, do not mask the pain with painkillers and carry on as it’ll only get worse.

If you are injury free that is fantastic but be aware of any new niggles or pains you come across and just monitor them carefully to avoid them developing into something worse!

This post is not meant to make you push yourself any less when in the gym, just be aware of what you body is telling you and if it can’t cope with the work you are asking it to do, maybe it just needs a bit of down time. Consider it time to focus on the diet and getting enough sleep before you head back in the gym. It may even help you break through those plateaus and get you closer to your goals, you never know!!