3 Months to Challenge Myself

13 Aug


I am always telling my clients that they shouldn’t ever get too comfortable in their exercise routine. First of all, your body is far too clever at adapting which will lead to a plateau in results but equally importantly, it will get boring!!

I have decided to walk the walk and take on a challenge of my own to see what my body can achieve when it’s pushed. I had an operation earlier this year and what was meant to be one month off exercise quickly turned into a few months and I found myself losing confidence, and strength. I have taken on the challenge of competing in a British Gymnastics competition in November and in order to build up my strength, power and stamina I have enlisted the help of strength and conditioning experts Jonathan Lomax and Olu Adepitan from The Lomax Way in Chelsea.

When Johnny first expressed interest in helping me, his plans filled me with fear. Talks of olympic lifting, increasing my calories to 3000 calories a day minimum… not what I had in mind! I just kept imagining a fat lumpy gymnast in a leotard so thought I would nod along but tackle the calorie issue with him another day!

The next time I walked into the gym was for my testing session. The session was aimed at seeing my level of strength and whether I had any technique whatsoever for them to work with. Watching Johnny add weight after weight onto the bar was worrying me, but thankfully I didn’t fall when it was put on my shoulders. I was pleasantly surprised that just by having Johnny standing there I was able to push myself further than I ever thought.

The next hurdle to overcome was the words “olympic lifting” – with the word olympic there it sounds so out of reach and scary. I was excited though because I was told that Olu is some sort of Olympic lifting expert. We worked through some movements and the fear went away. Soon enough, he was adding on weight to the bar and here is where the challenges arrived. It’s safe to say that I have a lot of work to do regarding getting the techniques perfect but I really enjoyed my first session and can’t wait to see what I will be able to do in the coming weeks.

On top of my first few sessions with these two crazy trainers, I have also been focusing on training up some new skills in gymnastics so my body is calling for a rest. I have added in a few rest days into my week, involving a lot of stretching to maintain my flexibility for the sport, and mobility work to keep my body functioning properly and avoiding injury. Oh, and as for the calorie issue I quickly realised what he had meant, I have been continuously hungry since starting this new type of training and it is very clear that I need the extra calories to cope with it. I have been eating more protein to keep me full of energy and keeping my diet as clean and whole as possible.


I am certainly looking forward to my rest days, but even more excited to keep learning and pushing myself.