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Can’t Stop Now!

12 Sep


7 weeks to go!

Compared to last week, this week has been incredibly frustrating in terms of progress. I was struck down with a horrible cold over the weekend which quickly turned into a nasty fever and then some sort of gastro bug. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling very well at all and had zero energy most of the time. This didn’t mean calling in sick to Lomax and calling it quits for the week, all it meant was adjusting the program to make it work. The guys at Lomax were so fantastic and accommodating, they made sure I didn’t over do it but at the same time kept on with the program that they had planned for me.

First up I had a legs session with the lovely Jordan Lue. He knew that I wasn’t well but instead of veering away from the squats, he just took the weight down and we focused on getting as much power into them as possible. We did them in sets of 3, with a very slow (and agonising) decent followed by a sharp acceleration up again. He came up with a few short circuits to incorporate my hamstrings and core into the session. The techniques he has been teaching me are definitely helping, and this is clear because my back hasn’t been sore once this week which compared to last week is a huge improvement. My glutes and hamstrings are finally doing some work it seems!!


The cardio session is the one I was dreading this week, as I was sure I wouldn’t be able to do it feeling the way I was, but again Olu made sure the intensity was right for me on the day and I got through the session no problem. He created two circuits with a variety of exercises involving all parts of the body… burpee chin ups, dumbbell lunges,cable twists to name a few. He even had me doing some sort of breakdancing move towards the end which was exhausting but a lot of fun!

My last session of the week was olympic lifting with Danny Osborne. We quickly went from 20kg to 40kg with the cleans and I am getting more and more confident with the technique as the weeks go by. This confidence was shot down slightly today, when I managed to hit myself in the chin with the 40kg bar pretty hard on the way up,  so I will definitely remember to move my head out of the way from now on! I did however, improved on my PB from last week and did a couple of cleans at 50kg, with the help of Danny spotting me. I’m not sure I have mastered the 50kg but it’s a start! He then added in some deadlifts (70kg), standing high jumps and box jumps just to mix things up and promote the power aspect of my training. Great session!

Gymnastics training this week consisted of beam work, handstand training and flexibility. I noticed a huge improvement in my leaps and jumps on beam simply because I am now jumping higher, giving me more time to spot my landing, and hopefully stick it!! Very pleased!


So, what could have been a disaster of a week turned out to be less of one. I hope I don’t feel as unwell as that again any time soon but at least I know that if I can get through training on a bad week, I can certainly get through it on a good week and I will be ready to see what the lovely Lomax trainers throw at me next week!