3 Weeks To Go

12 Oct


With 3 weeks to go until the big day, the nerves are beginning to creep in. It is now more important than ever to stay focused and do everything I set out to do in training, to ensure I am fully prepared for this competition.

I suffered a minor shoulder injury a few weeks ago which set me back a bit, more mentally rather than physically as it was a bit of a kick to my confidence. I saw a fantastic physio at The Lomax who told me that he didn’t think it was serious, and if I just rested it I should see an improvement in no time at all. He was right of course. I laid off the upper body weights as much as possible and soon enough the pain wasn’t there anymore and I was able to use it again. It was a valuable lesson for me, a girl who finds it hard to sit still. Taking rest days or resting certain body parts because of injury does not mean failure, it is an important part of training and will help in the long run. Over-working your body will inevitably lead to injuries somewhere down the line and if you don’t address it, it will get worse over time. I am pleased to say my shoulder is now near enough back to normal and is not getting in the way of my training anymore.

Over the last few weeks, I have really upped my game and pushed myself hard in and out of the gym, focusing on nutrition and training. The program has changed slightly now. I am still working on my squats with Jordan and still  improving in terms of technique and strength, but now I am also incorporating more high intensity interval training to mirror the stage I am at in my gymnastics training. I am finally putting all the individual components together into full routines and am needing a lot of stamina to pull it off. This means doing exercises as part of a long sequence, with minimal rest in order to build up aerobic strength and endurance.

Thanks to my new and improved strength that the wonderful trainers at Lomax have helped me gain over the past 3 months, my floor routine is now packed full of new powerful tumbles. The challenge is now to put them all together in a 90 second routine full of leaps, jumps and non-stop dance. This is a long 90 seconds of hard work, so the next 3 weeks are going to be key in terms of developing the required level of aerobic fitness.

The team at Lomax http://www.lomaxpt.com/ have been great in helping me with all aspects of preparation so far. They have carefully thought out my training sessions aiming to recreate specific gymnastics movements and principles, they plan the sessions around my gymnastics training and keep on top of my nutrition and general well being. I really feel like they have my best interest at heart and it fills me with confidence.

3 more weeks of hard work! Let’s do this!