What some of my clients have to say about their training experiences…

I got in touch with Charlie eight weeks after the birth of my baby.  I was quite nervous before my first session but Charlie was so supportive and kind and I could see very quickly that she knew exactly what she was doing. I was in very safe hands. In my first session I could barely lift myself off the floor at all to do a sit up but a few weeks in the results were amazing. She certainly pushes you to achieve your goals but in such a lovely, supportive way. I look forward to every session as it becomes like hanging out with a friend but I am getting fit at the same time! The sessions vary each week, Charlie is also very flexible to accommodate the ever changing needs of my baby and has spent many a session bouncing him around on her hip whilst I charge around my sitting room or local park! She is also great with nutritional tips and checking in on how I am doing. I would recommend her to any post natal mum, it completely transformed me and gave me back my body and confidence! I honestly can’t thank her enough.
Sarah, first time mum, Wandsworth

Always cheerful and professional, Charlie is excellent at tailoring the excercise plan to my goals week by week.  I work as a freelancer, so being able to prebook a different day each week depending on my timetable is great.  Charlie is clearly very well informed and well trained in sports science and nutrition, and her understanding but firm approach make our sessions both enjoyable and very productive!  I always feel she is completely focussed on my wellbeing, and I would heartily recommend her!
Rebecca, Mum of two, Wandsworth

Having signed up for the London marathon, I have never felt more scared and out of my depth before. I knew I could run but had no idea on how to train and increase my strength and stamina. I had never considered a personal trainer before, so when I spotted Charlie on the mat next to me at the gym touching her toes I only meant to tell her I was envious, not sign up for a trial session- but thank goodness I did! Charlie is what I needed to complete the marathon- she provided fantastic workout sessions and programmes which involved strengthening muscles that I didn’t even know were involved in running, supporting me mentally and finally, being a friend who could be honest with me! Charlie is a fantastic trainer and incorporates fun and hard work into sessions. Working out is always horrible but when you feel you are off for a good gossip and a tough session, it makes me get my butt there quicker! Oh, and I did the marathon in 3 hours 40 minutes- thank you Charlie!!
Heather, Staff Nurse, Clapham

I have never been a sporty person and I never had any confidence in my physical endurance. Now in my early 40s and with a stressful job, my body has started to pay me back for always ignoring it! Then I met Charlie, via a friend. For pride and to save what could still be saved, I decided to give it another go, this time in the discrete and cosy gym called ‘my living room’! Ever since, I have surprised myself when I realise that I actually look forward to my session with Charlie despite the struggle during the exercise routines. I feel great and I feel better about myself. Charlie comes once a week for a good work out, she is patient and never too pushy but she is very competent and creative. My body has started to tone up and my sleep pattern has improved. Definitely a good investment for my health and my well-being overall! Strongly recommended.

Stefania, Events Management, Balham